Snare Product Suite

Who Did What, When, and Where? The only question is why

The answer for auditing is in the logs. The Snare Product Suite was designed to answer these questions and more for both compliance requirements as well as to ensure that an organization adheres to their security posture.

The Snare Product Suite is an Event Log Management system that provides clear, concise information on what is occurring on your network. Comprised of three components, the Snare Server, the Snare Agents and the Agent Management Console, it allows IT security audit staff to capture relevant event data in real time, monitoring changes to the network, Active Directory, files and directories and much more.

The product has been designed to work as a standalone for those organizations that are required to provide reports for compliance auditing or to be integrated into most of the SIEM products available for those organizations that have more complex reporting requirements,  or are  geographically dispersed.

Originally designed by security professionals from Intersect Alliance,  for the defense industry over 10 years ago, the product is now used world wide assisting both defense, public and private organizations.  We invite you to take a look at the Snare Product Suite.

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